What the 2021 adjudicator will be looking for

In our digital festival this year we will have a more informal adjudication as the entries, technical abilities and platforms used are so varied. Marks will not be officially awarded. However, we thought it would be interesting to share with you the guide that we have devised, together with our adjudicator, on what will be considered in the online performances.

Presentation (20 marks)

All visual and design elements are considered – set, costume (including hair and make-up), lighting, sound. The adjudication will also consider the effect of other media and how they contribute to the interpretation of the text, through enhancing meaning, or creating atmosphere. 

Direction (30 marks)

The adjudication of direction will consider to what extent the text is brought to life through effective movement, the ebb and flow of the performance, and the plotting of tensions whether dramatic or comedic.  It will assess the level of harmony between the acting and the elements of design to achieve an appropriate interpretation and realisation of the text.  In whatever form of media used, it will look at how directors and actors have used the medium to enhance the performance.

Acting (35 marks)

Performances, individual and ensemble, are considered here.  The adjudication will assess individual vocal skills, movement, gesture and character development. It will consider the extent to which the actors understand and deliver the role.

In the use of other forms of media, it will consider how effectively the actor(s) use it to enhance the performance.

Dramatic Achievement (Endeavour, Originality and Achievement) 10 marks

The adjudication will consider the effectiveness of the production as a whole and the extent to which it has engaged the audience.  It will take into account any other elements, including any form of media, which have added to the enjoyment of the production.  


6 for performances

4 for technical

2 for ‘I didn’t expect that!’