Regular live format: Information for Teams

Are you considering entering the Welwyn Drama Festival? Then look no further – use this checklist to guide you!

This information is relevant for the regular format of our festival, when all pieces are performed live on stage in the theatre.

  1. Read the Rules of our festival
  2. Take a look at the stage and technical information (full details to be added in due course)
  3. Ensure you have support from your drama group
    OR create your own production company/team
    N.B. Please note that, as we no longer receive local council funding, we are unable to contribute to expenses. We are interested in any funding or sponsorship opportunities and would be happy to discuss these further.
  4. Select a play
  5. If you wish to enter a new or unpublished play, it may be eligible for our New Play Prize (please check the rules for eligibility)
  6. If necessary, apply and pay for a licence to perform the play
  7. Complete the entry form 2023 (download)
  8. There is no entry fee for Welwyn Drama Festival
  9. Post your Entry Form and a printed original of the script to the Secretary by the closing date (31st January 2023) or contact us to confirm intention.
  10. All new plays must include a list of all characters and information regarding the place and time of setting, as well as a brief synopsis for the reading team and adjudicator
  11. Seek the appropriate permission to alter scripts in any way, and advise the Secretary of any changes
  12. Find out how your play will be adjudicated in this informative guide from
    Jan Palmer Sayer GoDA. (download)

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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