Programme of Plays 2022

We are very pleased to announce the programme for the forthcoming 87th Welwyn Drama Festival

Please note: Updated Wednesday 4th May

Monday 16th May

Limitless Academy of Performing Arts
Senior Winners of the Welwyn Garden City
Youth Drama Festival

Brook for Nothing by Paul Adam Levy

After moving into a bedsit with his mother, Brook (16) meets two older teenage housemates who try to get him to take responsibility for himself. Half set in the virtual chat-lobby of his favourite game and the flat, Brook is forced to listen to other’s inexperienced life lessons as he tries to decide what his future holds.

The Blonde Bombshell  by Roy Maddox


The WW2 recruitment poster that became known as The Blonde Bombshell was enormously popular when it was first displayed all over London. Our play tells its story from the point of view of the woman who posed for it, as she uncovers her memories of the poster, its designer Abram Games and the controversy that followed. (With thanks to the Estate of Abram Games)

Tuesday 17th May

Barn Theatre Club
September in the Rain by John Godber (excerpts)rain car

An evocation of a lost working-class way of life, with something a little darker below the surface. The play follows the life and holidays of Liz and Jack, Godber’s own grandparents, based on the stories they told at length, over and over again.

hdosdtpicDay Trippers  by Jean McConnell

Friends Beryl and Doris are on the annual works outing to the seaside.

Photo by Steve Beeston Photography

Wednesday 18th May

SMP Theatre
One Available Vacancy  by Paul Adam LevyOne Available Vacancy

An abridged first act of a longer two act play. Two candidates compete for an extremely rare opportunity – a desk job offering fixed hours and holiday pay. However, they soon come to the realisation that they’re both horribly out of their depth but persist in attempting to prove they’re worthy of the position.

Garden Pests  by Jean McConnellhdosgppic

Two keen gardeners show off their knowledge while visiting a magnificent seaside show garden.

Photo by Steve Beeston Photography

Thursday 19th May

Tring Theatre CompanyTring Zoom
And My Heart Went Zoom by Steve Mattey

They both live on the weird outer reaches of society, but perhaps a lockdown will bring them together in love.

SMP Theatre
Nightwalking  by Frank CaninoNightwalking

A young wife discovers that her husband is going out at night, when he thinks she is asleep. What should she do? What will she find if she follows him? What will become of their relationship if she follows him or if she does not?

Out of Ideas Theatre Company
Table for Two by Sarah Ridley

A husband and wife are out for dinner, but will their marriage (and the waiter) survive the night?

Friday 20th May

The Players’ Theatre (Wales)
Singing in the Wilderness  by David Campton

The well known fairies from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ & ‘ Peter Pan’ are under continuous attack from the hazards of waste brought by humans. Unexpectedly they stumble on a copse which promises to be a safe haven.

Tring Theatre Company
Heaven Sent by Jennie Brassington

Finally, we answer the age-old question of what actually happens after death. Possibly.

Twisted Willow
Red Riding Hood  by Lauren Upton

Scarlett is on her way to her grandmother’s, who is celebrating her 80th birthday. But she is unable to shake off Wolf’s unwanted attentions.

Saturday 21st May

Nantwich Players
Swallow  by Stef Smith

Three strangers are about to face their demons head on. Balanced precariously on the tipping point, they might just be able to save one another – if they can only overcome their urge to self-destruct.

SMP Theatre
Holiday Lets  by Jenny Scott

Holiday Lets

All Noreen wants is a nice holiday, all Donald wants is to complain. But Sharon and Ray are about to change all that!

Followed by the Awards Ceremony

Please note: Programme is subject to alteration, for example, in the event of a team withdrawing their entry due to unforeseen circumstances