1 week to go!

Our online Welwyn Drama Festival commences on Monday 17th May 7.30pm – have you got your tickets yet? Three wonderful pieces followed by comments from Walker Ewart OBE, our adjudicator – do join us!

We bring you three short plays on the opening night. Previous festival winners, Big Squirrel, give us Kattreya Scheurer-Smith’s latest offering, ‘AI Love You‘. Toby􏰁 isn’􏰆t great 􏰃with 􏰃words, but he kno􏰃ws almost every􏰁 fact about the solar s􏰁ystem. He􏰆’s in love 􏰃with a beautiful 􏰃woman, but that w􏰃oman is his best friend􏰆’s girlfriend. He’􏰆s against technology, but given a G􏰁ynoid 2.0 for his 30th birthday􏰁. Little does Tob􏰁y know􏰃, his life is about to change.

The second piece is from Gate Productions. ‘Dreamers’ by Linda Dyne is set in Lockdown 2. Two actors’ past characters emerged and wouldn’t go away. They inhabited the actors lives until you couldn’t see where one started and the other finished.

Finally, the first play from Woodhouse Players this week is ‘Two the Same‘ by Sarah Flanagan. Two women find more in common than they would like.

Tickets just £4, from TicketSource.


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