2015 Award winners

award winners 2015

Some of the award winners with their trophies, together with the adjudicator, Bev Clark GoDA (seated, left) and the Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield, Councillor Lynne Sparks (seated, right)

Award Winners

First Place and The Welwyn Cup The Players’ Theatre (Wales): Embodiment by Jeremy Hylton Davies
Peter Shatford Award for the Director of the Winning Play Gareth Gibbs
Second Place and the Roy Brewer Cup Barn Theatre Club: Arabian Nights (excerpt) by Mary Zimmerman
Third Place and the Margaret Osborn Trophy Clavering Players: Me and My Friend (Act 1)
Behrens-Steinfeld Trophy for the Director showing the most Complete & Imaginative Approach Laura Eddy and John Keogh, Barn Theatre Club, Arabian Nights (excerpt)
Charles Pilgrem Trophy for Stage Presentation Barn Theatre Club: Arabian Nights (excerpt)
Winifred Butler Award – Best Actress Claire Bowen, Gladys in Embodiment
Welwyn Award – Best Actor Neil Bird, Bunny in Me and My Friend (Act 1)
Derrick Baldock Cup for the Best Unpublished Play Is This Seat Taken? by Sean Baker
Louis Davis Trophy Adjudicator’s Award for a Special Contribution to the Festival Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls: Daisy Pulls It Off (Act 1)
FJ Osborn Audience Appreciation Award Arabian Nights (excerpt), Barn Theatre Club

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